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PLEASE NOTE!! Due to the global pandemic our normal wholesalers (kavio/bella) have been consistently out of stock and\or on back-order. This has negatively effected the turn around time for shirt shops like mine.


In an effort to get all orders out in a timely manner we have decided to bring in shirts from other wholesalers alongside Kavio and Bella + Canvas. Shirt brands may vary per order depending on availability.  Do not worry only the best quality materials from each brand has been selected to maintain the integrity of Lucid.


Therefore if you have any questions or issues with sizing we ask that you contact us first at lucidskullclothingco@gmail.com

  We are doing our best to get through and adapt to this trying time so please be considerate and patient with us.

To stay in the Lucid Crew loop join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/lucidskullvip where more detailed updates will be given as well as dank memes, games and sneak peaks of new designs.

Thanks for your loyal support by shopping through small businesses like us.

Be safe and clean out there! God bless us all.

Full list of Vendors being used until further notice.


Bella + Canvas

Next Level Apparel

Rabbit Skin